This blog is an attempt to reach out to garden visitors and fellow “spiritual pilgrims” to share information on gardening for wellbeing, mental health and meditation gardens. Sometimes I just want to express my feelings about life.

From an early age I was interested in overseas travel and inspired by Eastern culture. My life has been a continual struggle to find answers to all the deeper questions of life such as our meaning and purpose and this led me to pursuing a university degree that included Psychology and Philosophy. I have travelled the world through 30 countries and explored different cultures and philosophies,particularly those in Asia and the Orient.

In 1992 after a shocking family bereavement,  I was fortunate to have a private audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, which set me on the path of recovery and personal search. Later as Chairman of the Tibet Society and the Relief Fund I spent quite a few years helping the Tibetan people in India and met or attended meetings with His Holiness quite a few times.

My deep interest in Japan also led me to several visits to explore their monasteries and gardens and to learn Zen meditation.I liked the way that the Japanese linked Buddhism with nature and found this very meaningful.

I have tried to live life to the full but as I have grown older, I feel there is so much more to learn and understand. Much more to question and analyse. I’ve developed a strong interest in gardening for wellbeing and find it spiritually rewarding. Most of all I find I have an urgent need to pass on my experiences and lessons learnt to others, if my life is to have been worthwhile.

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Working with the tibetan people

Following an audience with His Holiness The Dalai Lama in 1992, Alan joined the Tibet Society and Relief Fund and later became its Chairman, and later Vice-President. He worked on Charity projects with Tibetan Refugee settlements in India and Tibetan young perople for more than 10 years.