Suiseki, rocks and fossils

In traditional Japanese culture, suiseki are small naturally occurring or shaped rocks which are appreciated for their aesthetic or decorative value. They are similar to Chinese scholar’s rocks. Interest in the subject often begins through an interest in bonsai. Stones displayed with trees, carved stones or daiza displayed etc.

Cascades gardens is designed in a rocky landscape that was an old limestone quarry and a lead-mine. There are many rocks that house fossils and veins of quartz and other interesting-shaped stones. The lead mine by the garden entrance is a 50-metre tunnel with lights throughout that can be explored by garden and nursery visitors. Fossils found in the garden are varied and reminiscent of the polished Hopton stone fire-place in the living room of The Cascades house. There are two Tufa stone arches in the garden with stone apparently sourced, in the Matlock Bath.

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